New Life Family Chiropractic is Victoria's leading center for Prenatal and Pediatric chiropractic care. Located in the heart of downtown Victoria, Dr. Betsy Boudreaux welcomes you and your family to experience an alternative option to health and wellness. Dr. Betsy sees patients as young as hours old and others well into their nineties.

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby, training for a marathon, already leading a healthy lifestyle and everything in between, New Life Family Chiropractic is here to better serve you. Dr. Betsy is very compassionate, gentle, and thorough in her approach to helping patients obtain and maintain their goals. Because of this outlook the majority of patients are referral based from other patients as well as providers.


Dr. Betsy Boudreaux and her husband first moved to the area at the end of 2014. Dr. Betsy is a graduate of Texas State University where she obtained her Bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science. She then went on the get her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas. Dr. Betsy uses her background of anatomy and biomechanics to provide patients with up-to-date care and treatment to correct biomechanical function of the spine and prevent re-occurrence. This is done with Chiropractic adjustments, stretches, strengthening exercises, workout and nutritional plans. Dr. Betsy sees patients of all ages, as young as hours old and up! She is a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association, Chamber of Commerce, and the Victoria County A&M Club. Dr. Betsy takes a special interest in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, and would like to share what benefits chiropractic can have for your whole family.

In September 2018, just shy of her first birthday, Dr. Betsy’s daughter Adalida passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly from a genetic disease called HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis). Helping others with chiropractic and nutritional support has helped tremendously with the grieving and healing process, so questions and comments about Adalida are always welcome when patients ask. If you would like to know more you can follow along with the foundation she and her husband created via Facebook by clicking here Angel Adalida as well as the website https://www.angeladalida.org/

Dr. Betsy Boudreaux - New Life Family Chiropratic - Victoria TX

Dr. Betsy Boudreaux - New Life Family Chiropratic - Victoria TX